Arrive at 6:00 am

The 10 Mile Trail Ride is on The Great Western Trail. This route is on a bike path and no road riding. Riders are usually families or bikers that are not comfortable with road riding or prefer a shorter route. The 10 Mile Trail Ride Volunteer will go out as the leader and lead your group on the trail ride. This is a relaxed ride, you need to gauge the pace of your group and lead them. There are scheduled rides every 30 minutes. We estimate the 10 miles to take 1 hour (could be more or could be less). When you get back with your group you have time to relax till your next group heads out. You need to feel comfortable riding 20 - 30 miles throughout the event (planning on 2 - 3 rounds per volunteer). Must have your own bike and wear a helmet.

We are going to have all the Trial Ride Volunteers head out together for a test ride to make sure everyone is on the same page before the riders arrive.

* If you would like to come early and help set up and assist anywhere else you may be needed please inform the Volunteer Coordinator. Set-up is needed at 5:00 am.


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