Corporal Kyle Moser was deployed to Afghanistan in August 2011, as a Rifleman and Radio Operator. Kyle was leading his team to provide security for a Key Leaders Engagement.  As he swept for IEDs, he came across some loose dirt, which is often an indication of an IED.  He advised his team leader that they should turn around and take another

route, but his very next step flipped his life upside down… literally.   He heard the loudest boom of his life and was blasted back through the air.  When he landed, all he knew as that his legs were gone and his vision was becoming blurry. Kyle’s brothers came to his side and did their best to save his life.  He felt the cutting pain of the tourniquets being applied to his arm and legs, as he told his fellow Marines to send his love to his family and friends.  Kyle lost 19 units of blood and the base where he was didn’t have enough B Positive blood to replace all he lost.  With the young Marine’s life on the line, any military member present who had B Positive blood lined up to donate theirs in hopes of keeping him alive.


Kyle’s injuries included double above-knee amputations, a partial amputation of his ring finger, lacerations to his arms and face, loss of some wrist and hand bones, a fractured pelvis, a moderate TBI as well as severe damage to both ear drums.  At 19, his body was severely injured, but his determination and positive attitude were intact.  When he learned about all those who donated blood to keep him alive, he knew he had to do everything he could to recover and show them his gratitude. 

First it was one then it was THREE

In honor of 9/11 we decided that at this year's Everybody Rides' Adaptive Bike Giveaway we would surprise one wounded veteran with an adaptive bike. We were given the stories of all three veterans and we needed to pick just one. After reading all three stories we could not say no to anyone of them. We made it our goal to raise enough money to bring the freedom of mobility to those who fought for our freedom


Hal Honeyman, Founder of Project Mobility said "We decided to hold our annual Everybody Rides Event on September 11th this year to show our appreciation to all of those who have sacrificed for our freedom since the 9/11 tragedy". St. Charles Police Department are sending officers to attend and the Fox River and Countryside Fire department will also be present, together representing all of our nations heroes who stepped up on that fateful day. Read the stories below to meet our Veterans!

We need your help to make this happen!


In 2008, Kevin enlisted in the Marine Corp and became an infantry machine gunner.  On his third deployment in Helmand Province, Kevin was on patrol at 04 in the morning, scouting to draw out the enemy.  They were skirting the side of a small village and took contact about an hour into it.  His team was between the mountains and the village, taking contact from both sides.  As Kevin went to set in his team-mates with cover, there was an IED on the side of the compound wall.  Kevin hit it, which knocked him out for a while.  When he came to, Kevin realized he couldn’t walk.  Then he looked down to see the blood and tried to scoot the machine gun out of the dirt.  Kevin couldn’t feel the lower half of his body.


It took an hour to clear out the area and be med evac’d. This was because the landing zone was hot and they had to wait until it was cleared.  As soon as the Army Medics arrived, Kevin asked for morphine and woke up in Germany; and then again at Walter Reid.  Their corpsman was killed the week before, so they had no corpsman with them.  It was just Kevin and his other Marines. 

Because the right back of his thigh was gone, with the hamstring hanging out, wide open, Kevin thought he was going to lose his right leg.   He knew his left leg was damaged, but thought he would lose the right one for sure.  When Kevin got to Walter Reid, they said there wasn’t enough to repair his left leg, the blast had blown out too much, so they cut it off right away, but he actually kept his right leg.  Kevin says, “I can use it, although I don’t feel it much from the knee down.  After 55 surgeries, it is functional, but not as a normal leg.”

Kevin did a Soldier Ride in Annapolis when he was with Walter Reid; they rode around the White House and in the Virginia area.  It was his first time using a hand cycle, which was perfect for him.  Kevin says, “I knew as soon as I did the ride, I wanted a hand cycle, but I couldn’t get into the hand cycle program, because I couldn’t get clearance from the doctors as I was still going through surgeries.  Once I left Walter Reid, there weren’t many options for me to get one.  I’m grateful to be included in the Everybody Rides Event with the hope of finally obtaining a hand cycle!”


Shhh! It's a surprise! We have a Purple Heart Recipient that will be coming to Everybody Rides and has no idea of the Adaptive Bike Giveaway. We will share this veteran’s story at the Adaptive Bike Presentation!

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