Arrive at 5:00 am

Registration/Check-in is very important! This is the first place riders head to when they arrive. Riders either registered and paid ahead of time or are they registering and paying day of the event.


The Registration Volunteer will be taking day of riders and getting payment, any forms signed and the appropriate paper work.


The Check-in Volunteer will be asking the riders name and checking them off the pre-registered rider forms. If they have not already signed the waiver, you will instruct them to do so.


The Shirt/Goody Bag Volunteer will retrieve the appropriate shirt (if they pre-registered by 8/1 they receive one for free, if not they can purchase one *payment made to Registration or Check-in Volunteer) and goody bag for each rider.


These three positions will all be in the same place and need to work together to have a smooth registration/check-in process.

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