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Everybody Rides


Optional Add on for Everybody Rides 


Project Mobility is hosting our 10th annual Everybody Rides. Take part in The CHALLENGE, on your own or with a team, by riding at least 500 miles during the week leading up to Everybody Rides. You will need to use Strava or another cycling tracking app to track everyone's miles in your team and upload them each time you ride. That is how we will know the number of miles you rode.

Example: Team of 5
Each person rides 100 miles for the week to equal 500 miles.
If you have a strong cyclist and a newer cyclist you can have the stronger cyclist make up miles for the newer cyclist. Individuals can ride as many miles as they can but as a team you HAVE to hit at least 500.
The more you do the better your chances are of winning!


Split the Pot!
Everyone participating in The CHALLENGE pays an additional fee of $20, half that fee ($10) will go straight to The CHALLENGE Pot. The winning team will split the pot with Project Mobility.
PLUS, your team will receive an Official The CHALLENGE Winning T-Shirt with your own custom team logo!

Final Shirt Design for 2022 Coming Soon!



Anywhere/Anytime during the week of

5/29 - 6/5. You make your own schedule! Just make sure to hit at least 500 miles!

At least 500 miles
*Team that rides the most WINS!


Team (Max 5 people)

$30 + $20 = $50 Per Person

Those participating in The CHALLENGE need to pay the Group/Team price of $30 to participate in Everybody Rides plus the $20 entry fee into The CHALLENGE.

Registration closes May 28th, 2022 at 5:00 pm

T-shirt included with registrations by 5/12

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