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Who We Are Raising Money For 

John's mobility was originally taken away by his accident but restored by his bike... Until it was stolen

You may remember John from our Adaptive Bike Giveaway in 2021. He recently reached out letting us know someone stole his adaptive bike that was locked up on his back porch. He has done everything possible to try and recover it and there is still no sign of his bike and it has been months.


John's mobility was originally taken away by his accident but restored by his bike, until it was stolen. This breaks our hearts.


John's bike helped him feel like himself again. It gave him his freedom and confidence back. He even started to draw again which is something he use to do before his accident. He now finds himself stuck inside more without his bike since he can't walk very far. 


We are determined to give him his freedom of mobility back again. He deserves it and with your help WE CAN DO THIS! Please help us!


We can only change lives one bike at a time with your help.

We Have Great News!
Adaptive Bike Giveaway Contest
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  • ALDI USA has sponsored Ximena's bike!

  • As a reminder Emily is the winner of our Adaptive Bike Giveaway Contest and the donated Freedom Concepts bike!


All 3 girls will be presented their bikes at 12 pm at Everybody Rides Presented by The Ivy Academy of Early Learning but the remaining kids in the contest still need our help. See below for how you can help.

This being our 11th year for Everybody Rides we have big goals & with your support we can achieve them 


We have already raised enough to give Lucy, Ximena and Emily their bikes at the event. We need your help to get John, Jessie and Faith their bikes!


We know we can do it, but we need your help!


Please help spread the word! Any local businesses, organizations, groups, family, friends, anyone can come together to change lives one bike at a time!

Did You Know?


  • Many companies match employee donations

  • Many companies will Sponsor an adaptive bike 

Reach out to your HR Department or email us to learn more!

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